Cakes galore for World Cancer Day

24th January 2017

Cakes galore for World Cancer Day

Being part of something is a very grounding experience and that can apply to the work place, as well as the heart of the home.

When cancer strikes, it does not discriminate and the ripple effects are far reaching.  All of us, either close to home or indirectly, have been effected in some way by this invasive disease.

The team in Marchand Petit’s Totnes office felt moved to be a part of the fund-raising initiative for World Cancer Day 2017 and Martha Tabb is gearing up for the special day.

She did not hesitate in immediately thinking of ways to get involved with the Union for International Cancer Control’s (UICC) world awareness day.

Established at the World Summit Against Cancer held in Paris in February 2000 and taking place under the tagline ‘We can. I can’, World Cancer day explores ways in which individuals or collectives can do their part in reducing the global burden of cancer.

Martha commented: “Because cancer touched my family in such a profound way, I wanted to make a contribution towards pushing for greater awareness and raising money to progress prevention and early detection, treatment and control.”

“So, with the help of my colleagues at Marchand Petit, I am holding a cake and bake stand at Totnes Market, in the local town square on Friday, 3rd February.  My aspiration is to roll the concept out across our offices in the South Hams for 2018.”

Gordon Maunder, Company Chairman, added: “World Cancer Day represents a unique opportunity to draw attention to what can be done to address cancer and we, as a company, are proud to be supporting the community and Martha in her admirable endeavours.”

So please drop by the stand on Friday 3rd to purchase a cake or two in support of World Cancer Day and meet some of the Marchand Petit team.

For further information please contact Marchand Petit’s Totnes office on 01803 847979.