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The June Property Forecast 2021

2021 has been a rollercoaster year for UK house prices. With the imminent end of the stamp duty holiday on the 30th June having causing an influx of buyers, what we all want to know is can the market sustain its current trajectory?

How to attract birds to your garden

Over the past 50 years the numbers of many so called ‘common’ birds have dramatically declined. It’s likely that this is as a result of changing agricultural practices and a lack of food in the summer and winter. It’s difficult to believe that song thrushes, sparrows and starlings are all struggling to survive in the countryside, but they are. These, among many others, are now red listed as birds of extreme conservation concern, so we wanted to find out more on how to help.

To sell or to buy first? That is the question.

It’s every homeowner’s dilemma and we hear it almost every day. Should I agree to sell my current house before I look for one to buy? What if I can’t find one that I like but I’ve already agreed to sell mine? Could I pull out later? Could I be homeless? Should I go into rented in the meantime? I don’t want to let my buyers down? – I’m not that sort of person!

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Following Government guidelines for viewings and valuations of property, when viewings take place in person, social distancing and safety protocols will be in place.

We would like to remind all buyers that travel to the South Hams to adhere to their tier guidelines.

In the meantime, our team are still available to help by phone, email or video conference.

Thankyou & stay safe.

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