Inspiring and joyful evening of top class jazz

29th August 2017

Inspiring and joyful evening of top class jazz

The toes were tapping, the fingers drumming and the audience all had a smile, thanks to the infectious energy and synchronicity of Derek Nash and the Martin Dale Quartet.  

The Flavel Arts Centre, in Dartmouth, hosted a great Jazz Club night full of musicality, innovation and exuberance from the collaboration of their House Band, led by Martin Dale, and top rate jazz saxophonist Derek Nash.

“We were entertained and enthralled by listening to live jazz music at its very best”, commented Kirsty Cook, Manager at Marchand Petit’s Dartmouth Office who sponsored the evening.

Going on to add: “We were treated to a superb variety of arrangements and it was a delight to watch these immensely talented players jam together in such a relaxed and laid back social atmosphere.”

Derek Nash is at the forefront of the British Jazz movement. He has been a member of the Jools Holland Rhythm and Blues Orchestra since 2004, has led Sax Appeal for over thirty years and is a member of the Ronnie Scott’s Blues Explosion.  

“Derek and Martin have been firm friends for decades and their ability to second guess one another’s next New Orleansy tempo, or swing arrangements, was a delight for the audience” commented Andrew Biggs, Marchand Petit’s Land and New Homes Manager.

Playing all four saxophones, from sonorous baritone to soaring soprano the charismatic Nash and the harmonious and equally adept Martin Dale Quartet of Dennis Harris on drums, Gavin Martin on piano and Kevin Sanders on bass, kept the audience enraptured with their versatile renditions and wonderful music. 

A particular highlight was when the band serenaded Margaret Skipp, who is a remarkable lady and one of the longest serving Flavel Volunteers - she is older than Derek’s 1926 saxophone!  The audience didn’t hesitate in joining in the celebrations.

For further information please contact Marchand Petit’s Dartmouth office on 01803 839190, email Alternatively visit the website at The Flavel Arts Centre 01803 839530  Tara Ely,