Our Five Reasons to Sell Your Home in Autumn

18th October 2021

Our Five Reasons to Sell Your Home in Autumn

After two shakes of a lamb’s tale in spring, we now find ourselves in the burning reds and golden colours of autumn. Pack away the summer wardrobe, dust off your boots and rediscover your favourite gloves - autumn has arrived.

Across the region, the last month showed an 8.4% increase, year on year, on prices achieved. Most would agree that the housing market is booming, with no signs of slowing down.

Besides fresh misty mornings and roaring open fires, autumn provides further  delights for sellers.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve taken calls from buyers looking for larger homes. These folks like to buy in autumn, spring and early summer, and if these times ring a bell (the school bell), that’s because they are term times.

Whether a buyer is looking for a main home or a holiday home, we find that those with children tend not to house hunt during the school holidays. After all, when the sun is shining, ice creams at the seaside and outdoor escapades with the family beckon, leaving little time for viewing homes. It’s also worth remembering how stressful viewing a home can be with children who just want to be at the beach. Parents, therefore, decide to wait to view property in peace.

In the summer months, the garden tends to provide some much-needed extra room and with the children outdoors, the house feels much bigger than it actually is. Subsequently, those potential ‘upsizers’ tend not to feel as squeezed for space in the warmer months, that urgent need for more room fleetingly forgotten.

As daylight retreats and the nights draw in, the family once again together within the four walls of their home, the house begins to feel crowded and that need for space is highlighted again. And just like that, parents are once again looking for a change and a larger home in which to grow.

House hunters searching in September and October tend to be keener to make an early decision too. After all, everybody wants to settle in ready to start enjoying their new home in time for Christmas. In fact, ‘a quiet and settled Christmas’ can be a real driving factor, with buyers more motivated than ever to get the deal done.

With all of this in mind, let’s explore the top five reasons why selling in September might be the best option for you:

The Natural Glow

It’s a wonderful time of year for gardens. The lawn no longer looks parched waiting for the next rainfall, instead looking fresh and green.

The leaves on the trees and shrubs are beginning to turn into ruby reds, blushing bronzes and glorious golds, providing a beautiful backdrop to your home. Your garden looks beautiful.

Even as the leaves begin to drop, views open up that might not necessarily be seen any other time of the year. The autumn glow is also in full flow with sun levels lower, providing the perfect backdrop for twilight photographs adding to the atmosphere and drama of the marketing of your home.

Festive Incentives

Many buyers will be motivated to be in before Christmas. Yes, I know it seems early to mention the ‘C’ word, but buyers are already talking about these times.

Having the ability to settle before the festive madness begins is a true incentive for buyers to pay the price you are looking for, in order to meet their timescales.

With the children back at school, mum and dad have the freedom to view at their leisure. Free of distractions, it’s them and your home who can become acquainted.

Cosy Autumn Marketing

With lamps lit, and a dreamy crackling fire, your home has never looked more inviting. The weather may feel fresh and sometimes chilly outside, but your home will be enticingly warm and cosy on the inside.

If you can get the Christmas cake baking timed for a viewing, those spicy scents will fill the house and provide an air of indulgence no other time of year can offer. It’s a lasting memory when buyers are viewing a variety of homes. The joys of marketing in the autumn.

Size Matters

Viewing at this time of year has its added benefits, as that ‘extra room’ buyers have found by using their garden has slowly slipped away, those niggly thoughts of needing more space creeping back in. With that extra reception room or bedroom your home may offer, in comparison to where the family are currently living, you’ll be even more at the forefront of their search.

Don’t forget to make sure all rooms are cleared of clutter and that they show off as much space as possible. Of course, we can help you with this.

New Year, New Start...New Home!

As the end of the year draws in, thoughts turn to the next year. Plans are discussed, be it moving home in time for new school catchments, or maybe it’s the year where a second home is purchased to enjoy for the following summer. Either way, your home being on the market means those buyers have the incredible opportunity to find your property and snap it up before someone else does. Maybe it’ll even give them the chance to hold a NYE party!

Don’t forget that cooler weather makes wintry walks possible, so you may see some welly walkers passing by to scout out property too.


As you can see, autumn can be a wonderfully successful time to sell your home! But following the summer surge in home sales, will autumn sales follow suit? The market certainly thinks so. With competitive bidding still very much a part of the strategy for selling, and record high prices being achieved, it’s the perfect time for selling. Looking to buy on? Not a problem; we have a list of properties available confidentially that are waiting in the wings.

If you would like to know whether your home would be a good contender for an autumn sale, we’d love to hear from you – call us for a chat on 01548 844473, or send us an email at salcombe@marchandpetit.co.uk. Whatever your plans, chatting them through in full confidence can help. We’d be proud to be part of your moving journey.

We look forward to speaking soon.