Small changes make a big difference to environment

8th February 2019

Small changes make a big difference to environment

Marchand Petit have taken steps towards improving their environmental impact by beginning to change in-house magazines and advertising to eco-friendly uncoated 100% recyclable paper.

Starting in January 2018 with the Marchand Petit Review Magazine, over the past 12 months the Company have continued to take steps to remove plastic coatings from their single-use advertising products. During this time the Company has produced a new look ‘At Home Magazine’ which in October received its new chic uncoated paper finish, followed by Simply South Hams Magazine in March 2019, which will also be swapping its trademark glossy finish for a new stylish uncoated look to join the suite of magazines.

More than just the magazines, in December 2018 the company introduced uncoated advertising mailers which are also fully recyclable, unlike the previous style which had a plastic coating. The change came as a result of the world-wide problem with plastic pollution and a customer suggestion. As a brand Marchand Petit are always keen to remain innovative, conscious of the surroundings and customer feedback and they hope the new look marketing will be well received. 

Prunella Martin, Director and Head of Marchand Petit’s Prime Waterfront & Country House Department commented,

“I am delighted with our new range of environmentally friendly print products. As a company based in South Hams, surrounded by coast and countryside the environment is very important to us. Reducing the plastic coatings on our marketing material will help us become more conscious as a company about our use of plastic. 

 We have experienced some issues with new papers for our mailers, as the uncoated products are not as robust as previous coated versions, but we are continuing to only use these new types of uncoated papers as we believe small changes really do make a big difference.”

This is not the first eco initiative for the Company as in October 2018 new signboards were fitted with interchangeable ‘swinging’ slips designed to have a longer shelf life than the traditional style of sale board. It is hoped these small changes will help the Company be less wasteful and reduce its impact on the environment.”