What’s in a Board?

19th July 2021

What’s in a Board?

The ‘For Sale’ board is one of the oldest property marketing tools, but is it still needed in today’s property market? With property hunting so digitally driven, it could be argued that the humble estate agent's board is an old fashioned marketing technique. From 3D tours, high end photography, videos, drones, social media marketing, property portals and websites - aren’t there enough places for your property to be spotted?


No. It’s fair to say that we believe that ‘For Sale’ boards are still one of our most important selling tools - even in this modern world. This applies across all sectors of the property spectrum, right up to the multi million pound properties we sell here in the South Hams.


There are not many better ways to announce to the local market that a property is available to buy or rent than through the use of estate agents boards; a highly visible marker to anyone passing by.


A board and the brand you choose can actually impact the price people expect to pay for the property too. So it's important to consider your estate agent carefully and picture their board outside your home. Think of it like Tesco Value and Tesco Finest – people just expect a to pay more and to get a better experience with a trusted agents board.


Objections to boards that we come across are usually similar; sellers don’t want a board because their neighbours will know they are selling and think it’s akin to ‘airing your dirty laundry in public’. They are nervous about people turning up unexpectedly to view the property or they just don’t want to attract attention to themselves.


In answer we would say, the neighbours are more than likely to find out once the property is being marketed online and within the press. Plus, viewings and surveys are hard to miss. Our experience tells us that not everyone who will buy a property is actively looking for one in a given area. They may have loved an area and a certain property coming to the market has inspired them. It may be that they were looking for a different type of house, but seeing a ‘For Sale’ board prompted them to consider beyond their original plans.

Boards also make it easier for applicants to find your house when they may not know exactly where it is located, helping to start the viewing on a positive note.


Estate agents say that ‘marketing a property without a board is like going into a fight with one arm tied behind their back’. Why would you reduce the impact we could have?


The cynical amongst us may also believe that we put boards up to increase our own brand awareness, particularly when we are the estate agent that dominates the market in that area. Yes, it’s true, signboards certainly assist estate agencies to establish or reinforce their local presence beyond a simple shop front. A strong board presence is generally an indication of an estate agent’s strength and reputation as an established agent in the local area, which in turn helps to generate more buyers and renters, not to mention vendors and landlords. But it’s far more than that. Boards are an important part of the marketing package. They are a 24/7 advert to anyone looking in your area for their next home. The board itself drives activity through to our website and generates buyer leads straight through to the office by displaying our telephone number. 


People will often drive around the areas they like to see the properties first and then call us. A large proportion of calls into our offices will start with ‘I saw a For Sale board…’ They are crucial for increasing awareness of properties on the market.


Word of mouth is also not to be underestimated. Whether it’s the postman, a neighbour or a passer-by, they can all contribute to conversations by saying ‘I saw there’s a house on the market in our village…it might be the one for you…’


At the end of the day, estate agent boards indicate in no uncertain terms that a property is for sale or to let, and in the 21st century they still play a key role in the wider marketing strategy. It also helps if they have great designs too, to stand out from the rest of the competition. Next time you’re out and about, see how many of our boards you can spot!


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