Benefits of moving to the countryside

17th June 2024

Benefits of moving to the countryside

A question on many city dwellers' minds: "Should I move to the country?"

More than half of young Londoners are debating moving to the countryside. With flexible hybrid or remote working now often offered as standard, more people who live in cities are contemplating moving to the countryside. The allure of the country has much to be admired. From its slower pace of life to more green space and a stronger sense of community, there are many reasons to be envious.

In this article, we'll address the misconceptions and benefits of life in the country, including lifestyle advantages, practical considerations and tips for transitioning to rural life.


Why consider moving to the countryside?

Moving to the country from a city could be a revitalising lifestyle shift.

A landscape with a river and a house

Quieter spaces

If you desire a quieter, more fulfilling lifestyle away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the countryside is perfect for a peaceful escape. Rural life can be less stressful, and you can expect to enjoy these vast green landscapes throughout the seasons, at times practically to yourselves. 

Larger homes

A more tangible benefit of moving to the countryside is its larger homes. 

House surrounded by grass

Compared to more competitively priced builds in the city, which may cost a small fortune, the housing market is booming for those looking to move to the country. With dramatic landscapes and attractions on your doorstep, the country is full of attractive investment opportunities and dream homes at a fraction of the price compared to the city. Your property investment can go further in the country, so why not move somewhere your whole family can live comfortably and grow over the years?

Spacious outdoor areas

Enjoy spacious outdoor areas with your property in the countryside. Most properties in the country offer more possibilities for garden landscaping and personalising your outdoor space.

A house with a lawn and trees

Living in the city can sometimes mean sacrificing outdoor space. However, the outdoors is abound in country, and its properties typically have spacious gardens that can entertain and impress.

Lower cost of living

Being thoughtful with your purchases is especially prevalent in cities with higher living costs. However, living in the countryside means you have more control over your budget.

As property prices are lower in contrast to city life, you gain a larger spending capacity on shopping and things to do in your free time.

Rural attractions

In South Devon, popular summer attractions, farmland walks, and rural towns are nearby for locals to experience all year round.

A group of cattle grazing on a grassy field in South Devon.

From recognised National Landscapes to astounding National Parks such as Dartmoor nearby, there are plenty of opportunities to live a more active lifestyle outdoors.

Lifestyle benefits of rural living 

When you transition to rural life, you can enjoy scenic landscapes, fresh air and be part of a close-knit community. 

Countryside in South Hams

In the South Hams, you can experience the health benefits of being in one of the most active regions in the UK, from watersports by the sea to locally grown food. With abundant opportunities for exercise and relaxation in natural surroundings, you can live actively with beaches and countryside trails by your home. Moving to the Devon coast has just as many appealing benefits as its countryside, and South Devon is also home to some of the very best coastal places to live.

A group of cows grazing on a hillside

Living in the countryside can be incredibly rewarding with a healthier work-life balance.

Here, you have a stronger sense of community and social connectedness in rural areas. Compared to city life, you can forge long-lasting connections with the locals and immerse yourself in nature.

Countryside vs. city living: a comparison

Country life vs city life: which is better?

This decision is based on your preferences and which lifestyle is better suited for you. Why not consider the advantages for yourself?

A field of grass and flowers

Advantages of living in the countryside:

  • Growing trend of remote work opportunities in rural areas
  • Larger houses with spacious outdoor spaces
  • Lower cost of living
  • Locally grown food
  • Independent shops
  • More opportunities for outdoor exercise and walks in nature
  • Closer-knit communities 
  • Better work-life balance

Disadvantages of living in the countryside:

  • Work commutes – less connected public transport links due to rural location

Misconceptions of rural living: Lack of things to do

At a glance, countryside life can be misconstrued as isolated and dull, with insufficient activities to keep citygoers occupied. Whilst only some people are suited to country life, this is a common misconception of rural living as there are, in fact, plenty of activities to do in nature and across popular tourist attractions.

A group of people coasteering

From outdoor pursuits, such as coasteering and surfing, to spectacular countryside walks, the natural landscape is built for those who love to be active and surrounded by beauty. The South West is also full of opportunities for exploration and adventure. 

Advantages of living in the city:

  • More opportunities for work in-office

  • Better connected public transport lines

  • More high-street chains and shops

  • Less worry about commuting if you work and live in a city

  • Everything is central – work, home, shops  

Disadvantages of city living:

  • Lack of green space

  • Lack of social connectedness in a big city

  • Little opportunities to go for walks in nature

  • Little opportunities for outdoor pursuits

  • Smaller-sized and higher-priced housing

  • More competitive job roles

Moving from the city to the countryside: practical considerations

A stone house with a garden

For those currently living in the city and contemplating a move to the countryside, you first need to consider a few practical considerations before you move. 

Appropriate housing and social life

Consider what's appropriate for your lifestyle and if the area accommodates your social life: 

  • Are there properties that cater to your household needs?

  • Are there properties nearer towns?

  •  Are there places to go in your free time?

  • What's the area's social scene like?

Logistical challenges

With any house move, logistical challenges must be considered before confirming a location and property.

For instance, relocating from the city to the countryside could entail researching:


Are you near public transport links and main roads? Is your commute and location manageable with work and school runs?

Healthcare facilities

How far are you from a hospital, doctors, or pharmacy? 


What's the area's standard and quality of education like? Are there reputable schools nearby?

Work opportunities

Are job opportunities related to your field of interest local to the area? Are you flexible enough to commute? Or are there opportunities best suited elsewhere?

Ready for rural life? Discover new homes in South Devon

There are many benefits rural living can offer, especially for those seeking a substantial lifestyle change.

A house surrounded by grass and trees

Moving to the countryside can provide a more fulfilling and rewarding experience for those interested in home ownership. With larger homes, a stronger sense of community and closer proximity to nature, South Devon is the perfect place to relocate to for those enamoured by countryside life.

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