Moving to the Devon Coast

21st November 2023

Moving to the Devon Coast

Are you dreaming of better years to come at a location that suits you? Moving to the coast is an aspiration that comes with multiple benefits from balancing lifestyle and investment.

At Marchand Petit, we provide beautiful properties for sale in the very best locations across South Devon next to countless gorgeous places to visit on the coast close by.

In this article, we will help demystify the myths of coastal life and reveal the rewarding benefits waiting for you and your future home base on the sunny Devon coast.


Coastal living

Relocating to Devon’s coast is not only a location change but a lifestyle one. Imagine the possibilities of living by the coast in an area renowned for its beaches and resorts – yearning for the holidays to begin would no longer be a stress with numerous sought-after days out so nearby.

The South Devon coast also enjoys warmer climates over the summer months compared to a large proportion of the UK. What better way to make use of the sunshine than residing in a part of the country that has it best?

For your dream lifestyle living on the coast, choose South Devon.

Employment opportunities in South Devon

As of March 2023, in the South Hams district (South Devon), an estimated 71.1% of residents were in full-time employment.

South Devon job opportunities

South Devon job opportunities for remote working and hybrid positions since 2020 onwards have never been bigger. Through the abundance of remote opportunities available, you can appreciate your living location more and stay out of the office less, enjoying vibrant landscapes and uninterrupted coastal views to the fullest.

Whether you are considering your child’s future education or acquiring your own qualifications for your career, having commended and popular universities nearby is a wonderful benefit. South Devon is home to the reputable University of Exeter and University of Plymouth.

When considering where to move and calculating your daily commute time, having a range of career opportunities available is always promising.

Schools in South Devon

Moving with younger children in primary or secondary school education? Choose from Devon’s county’s top schools with an outstanding track record for academic excellence and the highest percentage of students going to a high-rated Russell Group university.

Colyton Grammar School, for ages 11 to 18, was ranked highest in the county by Devon Live for both factors of excellence and the percentage of students who went on to attend Russell Group universities (60%). In South Devon’s Torquay, Torquay Boys’ Grammar School and Torquay Girls’ Grammar School also had a twinning exceptional rate of Russell Group university acceptances of roughly 40%.

Offer the best starting opportunities for your children and research the application process for your child’s place attending Devon’s best-approved institutions for education. Researching ahead of moving means you’ll find a school suitable to your child’s needs.

In advance of the move, ensure you are moving on a date that coincides with the beginning of a new term to help with the adjustment to a new school.

Boat moorings on the South Devon coast

Take your life by the sea to the next level with leisurely days out on the water on your own boat. Boat moorings are essential for any boat owner and having a safe place to moor your boat around Dartmouth Harbour is your best base for all your future travel.

Nestled in the Dart Estuary, Dart Harbour is the best local provider of tranquil yachting bases that will offer sublime views all year round by the heart of Dartmouth. With places to see up and downstream including Kingswear, Dittisham and Greenway House, and the coastline just around the corner, Dart Harbour is a versatile starting point for venturing around the picturesque estuary and coastline.

Dartmouth's inner harbour
Dartmouth’s inner harbour photographed by Richard Szwejkowski. 

Dart Harbour

  • Access is dependent on tide times
  • Local Marinas: Darthaven Marina, located near the main marina opposite Dartmouth town housing vessels up to 20m LOA.
  • Dart Harbour Yacht Club Pontoon on the west side of the river.

(Contact the Dart Harbour authority for price enquiries into currently available mooring plots for residents or visitors and more information regarding their harbours ahead of your move.)

Local food

A massive health benefit of Devonshire culture is the abundance of fresh food readily available.

The fishing industry is thriving around Devon’s southern coastline and Dartmouth’s Food Festival is an annual opportunity to buy a whole range of local produce every autumn.

Selection of seafood fresh from the English Riviera

Most notably, the English Riviera has been dubbed England’s seafood coast, offering the most exquisite fish sold for auction. Brixham’s fish market offers a wide range of high-quality catches fresh from the sea, a perfect source for your weekly food shop. Sustainable food sources are bountiful across Devon’s coastline.

Experience Devon’s food culture and indulge in local specialities, including delectable cream teas (with a scone split in half, clotted cream, and jam on top: the Devon way!), ales, and plenty of ciders to sample and buy fresh from close-by suppliers.

Local markets for fresh food

South Devon beaches and coastal scenery

South Devon’s most appealing features are its far-reaching beaches and tranquil surrounding coastal environments. There are also plenty of opportunities to enjoy an active lifestyle.

Best coastal paths

From beginner walks to advanced, there are loads of nearby walks, following the iconic South West Coast Path, to do across South Devon, great for fitness regimes and spending quality time with your loved ones.

Hope Cove
Photograph of Hope Cove by Markles55.

Dog-friendly beaches

These no-restriction beaches are perfect for your furry companion, so you know in advance of your move the suitable local beaches to take your four-legged friend for their daily walks all year round.

Salcombe North Sands beach
Photograph of Salcombe North Sands by John Lord.

Tourism in South Devon

Whilst this could be seen as both a benefit and a drawback, this is a common misconception as there are only positives from having popular tourist locations nearby.

The tourism industry helps benefit the local economy and, as a result, supports local jobs and businesses. In recent years, Devon has generated an astounding £2,454 million in the tourism sector, supporting roughly  63,000 tourism-related jobs.

In 2023, domestic tourism statistics show the British public spent 12% more per trip on their domestic holidays to Devon. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for “staycations” has increased and it's a significant part of Devon life to promote visitors, as most communities rely on this influx to stay stable.

In South Devon, living near the sea helps support the county and increases community awareness through purchasing a residential property there.

Salcombe and Overbecks

Photograph of Salcombe and Overbecks by Jonathan Camp.

The main allure of moving to the seaside is having glorious views practically at your doorstep. Discover some of the best coastal town destinations to live and visit, such as Modbury, Salcombe and Dartmouth, where we at Marchand Petit have a selection of luxurious homes for sale now; with many being in an Area of Outstanding Beauty, these properties are highly sought-after.  

Move to the Devon coast with Marchand Petit

At Marchand Petit, we know the challenges that come with moving and are obliged to assist with the practicalities to ease your journey and make the process as stress-free as possible.

Discover your dream coastal property in Devon with Marchand Petit and acquire a home that offers all the benefits of coastal living in an area of unparalleled beauty.


With over thirty years of property sales experience, we understand the importance of choosing the right estate agent and we are happy to ensure your move goes smoothly.

Enquire with us today about your requirements for your new South Devon home and find the coastal property that suits you best.


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