How to add value to your home before selling

27th March 2024

How to add value to your home before selling

Are you thinking about selling your home? Adding value beforehand can significantly improve your financial outcome. Even small upgrades can increase your home's attractiveness to potential buyers, fetching you a higher price and a smoother, quicker sale.

How-to fixes and expert advice:

• How to boost your home’s appeal

• How to maximise your interior space

• How to make your home more energy-efficient

• How to expand your living space

• How to approach professional guidance

• Ready for your property sale?

Boost your home’s appeal

Before boosting your home’s appeal, consider how to captivate your buyer with what you already have and work from there. You should also consider the best time to sell your property. Selling your home shouldn't feel like parting with a hidden gem – you can learn how to unveil its true potential and increase home value with the right direction.

This guide delves into the secrets of boosting your home's appeal, attracting discerning buyers and maximising your return on investment. Forget quick fixes and DIY jobs – property improvements begin with strategic enhancements that resonate with high-taste buyers, and where best to learn than from reputable experts who know the market!

Landscaping your garden

Low-maintenance gardening 

Create a visually stunning garden with low-maintenance design elements like patios, decking and easy-care plants that impress throughout the seasons. Remember, a well-maintained garden can add thousands to your asking price!

Refreshing your garden can quickly speed up the house sale process by creating an inviting outdoor space that attracts potential buyers.

Simple garden restoration jobs can easily make your existing garden look its best. From mowing the lawn and weeding out plant pests to pressure washing patios, you can revitalise your garden instantly – even a task as small as repainting your property’s fence can make a huge difference to your home’s outdoor area.

A freshly done garden immediately allows buyers to envision themselves enjoying outdoor living and get a sense of the property from the outside.

Exterior maintenance

First impressions matter - ensure your home's exterior boasts a solid structure and is well maintained.

Choose high-quality materials for repairs and improvements, as this helps contribute to a property’s long-term value and overall longevity.

Choosing the right colours for your property

Paint with purpose

When it comes to the interior, select paint colours that complement your home's architectural style and appeal to a wider audience. Neutral tones create a spacious feel and let potential buyers envision their own decor.

The “60-10-20” colour rule for home décor

The “60-30-10” colour rule involves dividing a room's colour scheme into a dominant colour, secondary colour and accent colour to create visual harmony. Implementing this rule can enhance a home's appeal to potential buyers by instilling a sense of cohesion and sophistication inside your abode.

The power of the front door

Your front door sets the tone for your home. Why not invest in a secure and appealing entryway with proper lighting and landscaping?

Maximising your interior space

Presenting a spacious and inviting interior is key to attracting discerning buyers. Managing your interior space effectively is a meticulous art, especially when it comes to decluttering and organising furniture. By using smart storage solutions and making the most of your space, you can easily turn your house into a place that potential buyers will desire.

Decluttering and effective organisation

Less is more - declutter ruthlessly and organise efficiently. Why not utilise smart storage solutions to create a spacious and inviting interior?

Upgrading your key living areas

Invest in upgrades by modernising your living room and bedrooms with fresh paint, updated fixtures and stylish furniture. These key areas significantly impact value perception and are ultimately a significant deciding factor for a successful sale.

Home decor enhancements

Lighten and brighten

Modernise your home with new lighting fixtures and flooring. Consider light, neutral colours for an airy and contemporary feel.

Neutral colours are the perfect canvas for potential buyers as they can easily imagine their future home how they like it and see its potential for redecoration. This may also be an ideal home improvement for those with a modern or minimalist décor taste!

Essential kitchen renovations

The heart of the home

Improve your kitchen's functionality and aesthetics. Focus on upgrades that prioritise both beauty and practicality, like new appliances, countertops, and storage solutions.


New kitchen fitting

Fitting a new kitchen can substantially increase the value of your property by modernising the space and establishing an attractive focal point to your home. A well-designed and updated kitchen both enhances the overall aesthetics of the property and actively appeals to buyers seeking move-in ready properties (potentially resulting in higher offers and a faster sale!)

Expand your living space

While you might not be able to physically expand its footprint, there are many innovative solutions to unlock the hidden potential within your property.

Think bigger

Consider adding value with additional living space, such as loft conversions, conservatories and summerhouses, which offer easy aesthetic appeal. “Thinking bigger” can also mean considering bigger functionality in your home and improving areas where value can be added with minimal construction.



Extensions can significantly boost the value of your property by increasing the overall living space and improving functionality to meet the needs of potential buyers. Additionally, well-executed extensions can enhance the property's curb appeal and appeal to a wider range of buyers.

Make your home more energy-efficient

When selling your home, you should consider its future-proof potential to buyers, which includes its sustainability.

Sustainable investments

Install smart lighting and smart thermostats and perhaps consider upgrading all integrated home appliances to energy-efficient models. These improvements save money on bills and will help attract eco-conscious buyers going forward.


Smart technologies

Adding an EV charging point to your property can significantly increase its value by catering to buyers' growing demand for electric vehicles, enhancing the property's appeal and marketability. Smart technology additions demonstrate forward-thinking sustainability and offer at-home convenience and potential energy savings for interested buyers.

Energy-efficient appliances

Incorporating energy-efficient appliances into your property can enhance its value by reducing utility costs for potential buyers and those seeking sustainable living options. As a result, energy-efficient integrated appliances (especially in the kitchen or bathroom) often make a property more desirable and potentially command a higher sale price.

The value of professional guidance

Selling your home is a significant undertaking, and navigating the process alone can feel daunting. However, with professional guidance, this can shed light on the immense benefits of what works for your individual property and partnering with experienced professionals throughout the journey makes the home selling process clear. From informed decision-making regarding renovations to ensuring a smooth and successful sale, quality property professionals have dealt with all property types.


Consult a professional for informed decision-making. They can guide you on renovations that maximise your return on investment and ensure they align with your property type and potential.

Hiring a qualified estate agent

Choose a qualified estate agent with expertise in your local market and area of interest. They'll help you price your property competitively and ensure a profitable sale.

Property valuation

Understand your property's true value with a professional appraisal. This knowledge empowers you to set a realistic asking price once you have done a few professional home valuations to negotiate your house’s value effectively.

Why invest in your home before selling?

Investing in your home before selling can reap significant rewards. Following these simple steps can boost your property's value, attract more buyers, and achieve a rewarding sale. With these steps, you can easily get your home sale-ready.


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