Brand ambassador goes the extra mile

23rd January 2015

Brand ambassador goes the extra mile

One widely held belief in the business realm of brand value is that it is created jointly by, for example, employees of the brand, the products and services it offers and customer relationships and feedback. With this in mind, we at Marchand Petit are always delighted to receive positive comment featuring an employee or office going beyond the call of duty and embodying the role of brand ambassador, as advocate of that elusive brand value.

One such instance of feedback to start 2015 off with a warm glow sings the praises of a member of the Totnes office.  The brand ambassador in question was perceived as, “a wonderful member of the team, fresh, funny, considered and helpful.” Late on a Friday afternoon the staff member mentioned, went the extra mile, determined to find a suitable property to fit the bill. As the testimonial further stated, “In a day and age when we only seem to complain it is good to be able to celebrate somebody's success and determination to provide expert customer experience.” (Alan J. Dawson, January 2015)

We as a local estate agency value the close relationships we work within. You can evaluate, where at the heart of the matter we stand, with a quote from our website, “Our success can be attributed to our honest appraisals…and our ability to build great relationships with sellers, buyers, letting agents and those who rent homes through our agency.”


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