We’ve partnered with Moor Trees to launch our new ‘Trees for Completion’ initiative

21st September 2022

We’ve partnered with Moor Trees to launch our new ‘Trees for Completion’ initiative We’re delighted to debut our new sustainability initiative. Created in partnership with Dartington-based charity ‘Moor Trees’, Trees for Completion will see a tree planted for every property sold by Marchand Petit. 
Trees for Completion marks the next step in our renewed focus on becoming a more sustainable business, and one which protects the beautiful region we’re so lucky to not only sell, but to call home too. Having already made the move from traditional sales boards to carbon neutral eco boards, shunned the more traditional plastic merchandise like keyrings and pens for more ocean-friendly alternatives, and turned to paperless systems long ago, this would mark the next stage. We aren’t perfect – print brochures and window cards still play a big part in the estate agency world - but Trees for Completion is another step towards doing our bit to take care of both the local region and the planet.

There are, thankfully, countless charities doing incredible work to rewild vast swathes of once burgeoning forest. When it came to choosing which we would like to partner with, we were determined to not only have the trees planted in the local area, but to find a local-based charity to do it too. Since 2001, Moor Trees has planted well over 100,000 trees on Dartmoor and in South Devon, collecting and nurturing tens of thousands of local seeds each year in their Dartington and South Brent nurseries. We’re really proud to partner with a charity that shares our South Hams roots.
So, how does it work? 
For every property sold by Marchand Petit, a donation will be made to the Moor Trees charity that equates to one tree seed nurtured and planted in the local area. Vendors will receive a certificate of thanks shortly after completion, a token of appreciation for helping us to play a part in rewilding the South Hams and beyond. We’re keen to get our hands dirty too, so our teams will be joining Moor Trees regularly over the coming months to collect and plant seeds, or to give them a helping hand at their Dartington nursery. 
With your help, we’re looking forward to sowing the seeds for a more sustainable future for the special part of the world we’re so lucky to call home.